Ocean View Provides Confidential Treatment

Ocean View Recovery Center private and confidential treatment programs allow our clients to maintain focus on their personal recovery journey. Treatment records will not be released to any other professional establishment or family members without your express written consent. Ocean View Recovery Center provides 24 hour clinical supervision for your safety, security, and comfort. We guarantee only authorized Ocean View Recovery Center personnel are ever on premise- your safety is our number one priority.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Ocean View

Ocean View Treatment Center offers extensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment including:
  • Drug and Alcohol Inpatient Medical Detox
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation
  • Partial Hospitalization Programs
  • Individualized Regimens of Care
  • Evidence-based Therapy Modules
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs
  • Optional Supplemental Programs

Services and Amenities of Ocean View

At Ocean View Tratement Center, we recognize that the addiction recovery process is a total life transformation. By providing a secure, recovery-focused environment for our clients, we help to foster lasting change conducive to a life free of drugs and alcohol. Through an array of services and amenities designed to reinforce the valuable lessons gained in treatment, Ocean View Tratement Center aspires to prove that clean and sober living can be fun and enjoyable. This includes:
  • Semi-private Bedrooms with Fully Private Rooms are Available at Additional Cost
  • Full Access to Spa and Salon Services
  • Daily Access to a Full Gym
  • Television Streaming Services
  • Daily Catered Meals
  • Meditation and Yoga Sessions
  • Weekly Facility Events
  • Movie Nights
  • Gaming Parties

Mission Statement

Ocean View Tratment Center was founded by medical and mental health professionals dedicated to addressing the substance abuse epidemic affecting the United States. Our comprehensive, client-centered treatment options are open and available to people from all areas of the country. We are devoted to providing all patients- regardless of status, history, or background- individualized, effective addiction treatment across the full continuum of care. We believe everyone deserves a chance to take back control of their lives. It is with our philosophy we teach you the management tools to reclaim your life from addiction. Our extensive rehabilitation services exceed the standards of the market by coupling modern medicine with holistic healing.

Healing with Ocean View Treatment Center

With Ocean View Tratment Center, clients are given the respect and recognition they deserve. We believe everyone in need of substance abuse recovery is capable of manifesting their full potential. Employing the most caring and compassionate staff, Ocean View Tratment Center pledges to painlessly guide patients through the trials of withdrawal. Addiction treatment is only effective when each patient is given a customized recovery regime, based on their unique level of addiction. We make sure you never feel like a number. We believe recovery is an intimate process between our classically trained professional recovery staff members and those suffering from addiction. Ocean View Tratment Center provides the pinnacle of affordable healthcare for all socioeconomic members equally. Ocean View Tratment Center knows understanding the origin of substance abuse is as crucial as breathing.