Sober Living Programs in Dana Point, California

Accepting that you have an addiction problem can be one of the toughest things. However, once you accept it and get professional treatment, you are likely to feel much better about yourself and even become more productive. But even after you successfully complete treatment, you must be sure to keep yourself from relapsing or going back to the old habits of substance use.

It is not always easy to stay sober, especially if you consider the fact that you may have been using drugs or drinking alcohol for years before getting help. It is with this in mind that you should be willing to practice sober living under the right conditions. Sober living programs are aimed at keeping recovery addicts from losing the gains they have made.

Sober living programs usually involve the patient moving from the addiction treatment center to a sober living home. U

What is a Sober Living Home?

A sober living home is a residential place that is under the management of the government, rehabilitation center or a private citizen. The facility is set up to help individuals that have completed addiction treatment.

The main aim of a sober living home is to create an environment that can ensure the recovering patient does not relapse or go back to their old habit of taking drugs or drinking alcohol. Sober living homes are available with a variety of setups.

Some sober living homes offer luxurious facilities while others may even incorporate executive facilities to help the recovering patient stay productive. There are also homes that offer basic amenities to ensure the patient does not incur a lot of costs but still stays on track in terms of staying away from toxic substances.

How Sober Living Homes Work

There are different types of sober living homes or arrangements. Understanding the various options available to you in Dana Point, California can be key to making up your mind on the best.

Peer-run homes

Peer-run sober living homes are usually single family homes that have a given number of residents. In these homes, everyone is allowed to give their opinion regarding the day to day running of the home. Basically it is a democratic arrangement where everyon one has a say in what happens. However, a senior resident may be responsible for keeping others accountable.

These homes usually have a set of rules that are determined by residents. However, no resident is allowed to take toxic substances or engage in activities that may lead others to relapse. It is also worth pointing out that these homes often have random drug screenings to ensure no one is secretly taking drugs or alcohol.

The residents are also expected to have scheduled meetings where different issues are discussed. The meetings may include sharing of personal experiences and giving each other moral support in the form of encouragement.

Monitored homes

These are often apartments or single-family homes that are set up in such a way that can cater to the needs of the recovery addict. While it is possible to find that a senior resident is in charge of the running of the homes, it is also worth noting that they can be under a manager. They usually have one or more compensated positions to ensure efficiency in service delivery.

In these homes, the manager comes up with the rules and regulations. However, they may also allow residents to come up with their own rules. House meetings usually occur to allow residents to share their experiences and encourage each other. Drug screening is also carried out to ensure everyone is abiding by the rules.

Supervised sober living homes

These types of residences can have some slight variations depending on different factors. However, they are typically licensed. They usually cater to the needs of a significant number of people and must therefore have the required permits and licenses to operate.

They usually have organizational hierarchy to ensure efficient delivery of services and proper management of the facility. Additionally, they have professional administrative oversight and incorporate policies and procedures to ensure they remain operational and effective in keeping the recovery addict sober.

In these homes, life skill development is one of the major issues that are taken care of. It is also common to find clinical services being provided outside of the sober living services. All staff are usually qualified and hold proof of certification. Additionally, drug screenings are an integral part of these homes.

Individuals are usually required to adhere to a given set of rules to ensure they do not fall back into the old destructive habit of substance abuse.

Integrated sober living services

Under this setup, patients often receive services from an institutional environment. Most of the services provided here are transitional. That means that once a patient completes treatment, he or she may be placed under these services as they await reintegration to society.

Under these programs, clinical services are usually provided at the facility itself. Life skill development is another major issue that is dealt with here. Additionally, drug screening is standard. It is also important to note that all the people that work under these programs are certified and often hired based on experience and skill.

What Sober Living Homes are Like

Many people tend to have little to no knowledge regarding sober living homes and that can easily lead to misconceptions. Some people think they are like prisons where an individual is closely monitored and denied of certain freedoms. Others think that these homes are boring and may end up causing frustrations.

However, that is not true. Sober living homes are usually apartments, condos, campuses or private homes. They look and feel just like any other place you would call home. The number of people that stay in a particular home depends on its size or number of beds.

Some sober living homes offer state-of-the-art facilities that are sufficient to cater to the needs of those who love opulence. There are also sober living homes that incorporate executive facilities to ensure that patients can keep working even while in recovery. There are also some sober living homes that offer basic services and amenities. Such are ideal for people who may be on a budget or those who like to keep their lives simple.

In a lot of sober living homes, residents share bedrooms. However, there are some that may provide a bedroom for each individual. Some homes require individuals to share in daily chores while others have staff that take care of the chores. It is also common to find residents sharing in expenses.

Each sober living home may have its own unique rules and regulations. However, most of these apply to curfews, eating hours, cleanliness, visitor hours and Twelve Step meetings

Duration of Stay in a Sober Living Home

The amount of time you spend in any particular sober living home depends on various factors. Some facilities only accommodate residents for as long as their treatment lasts. However, there are also those that can accommodate residents even after completion of treatment.

Another factor that may affect the duration of time in a particular facility is progress. If a resident is showing positive progress and resolve to stay sober, they may no longer have the need to stay.

Personal living conditions at home are another factor that may play a role. Last but not least, the duration of time you stay in a sober living home may depend on the clinical milestones that you make

The Cost of Sober Living Homes

As noted before, there are a variety of types when it comes to sober living homes. That means you can find an ideal home at a price that you are comfortable with. Before being admitted to any home, you will be informed about the amount of money you have to pay on a monthly basis.

When talking to a sober living home representative, be sure to inquire about any additional costs that you may incur. That is because some homes cater to additional services that may include coaching, transportation and gym memberships

A general rule of thumb is that when you are considering getting into a sober living home, do not focus too much on costs. Rather, think about what you are likely to gain when living under ideal conditions for recovery.

The Benefits of Sober Living Homes

To truly appreciate why sober living homes are important, you should learn about some of the benefits you are likely to enjoy.

Smooth transition

Some rehab treatment programs take 30 days while others may go for as long as 90 days. While under treatment, you may not be allowed to move from the rehab facility and that can easily make you get used to a certain routine.

However, as soon as you complete treatment, it may not be so easy to integrate with society again. Keep in mind that addiction may have compromised the way you think and relate to others. It is therefore important for you to avoid a sudden change in routine and human interactions.

A sober living home acts as an ideal transition point. You can keep to the routine of the facility while at the same time getting just the right amount of time to interact with the outside world.

Relapse prevention

One of the most frustrating things you can experience is walking out of a 90-day rehab program only to end up downing five bottles of beer because you couldn't withstand the outside pressure.

A sober living home keeps you accountable to your commitments. It also creates a conducive environment for you stabilize before fully regaining control over your actions. Keep in mind that a sober living home probably has people with similar experiences and that can help when it comes to moral support.

Peer support

It can be a depressing experience to live with people who do not fully understand your struggle with substance addiction. A lot of people never really appreciate the fact that addiction is a disease that can become very difficult to overcome.

But if you stay in a sober living home, you can be sure that everyone can relate to your situation. The people you are with have gone through similar circumstances and can therefore provide any support you may need.

Keeps you accountable

Another benefit of staying in a sober living home is that it keeps you accountable. There is always someone close to you that is rooting for your success. That alone is enough to encourage you to stay sober. Living in such a home also means you will have to adhere to certain rules that help reduce your chances of relapsing.

Therapy and counselling

Because some homes have qualified counselors, you can be sure to get timely help whenever you are dealing with an emotional or psychological problem. It is also worth pointing out that most sober living homes offer healthy meals and encourage residents to stay fit.

Get into a Sober Living Program

To ensure you guard the gains you make during treatment and go on to become productive, it is highly encouraged that you get into some form of sober living arrangement. If you need more information or are ready to join such a program, do not hesitate to contact us at our Dana Point, Orange County couples rehab center. Our team of qualified personnel are always on hand to assist with any issues you may have.