Medical Detox
Detoxi´Čücation is the process by which a person frees his or her body from alcohol or other drugs in order to begin recovery.
Who Needs Medical Detox?
When a person uses alcohol or other drugs for an extended period of time, his or her body becomes dependent on the presence of the substance. The brain gets used to the way the drug affects it, and it adapts so it can function normally.
What Is the Medical Detox Process?
Evaluation usuzally involves a questionnaire, a physical exam, blood tests and a screening for co-occurring mental health disorders or other medical conditions.
Stabilization is the step where patients discontinue drug use and health professionals help them achieve sobriety and a medically stable condition.
Patients should be prepared for additional treatment following detox. The most uncomfortable physical side effects of recovery usually occur during detox, but detox does not prepare patients for the psychological challenges they will face afterward.
What to Expect During Medical Detox?